I’m The Greatest Star, YOU KNOW?!

I’m the greatest star 
I am by far but no one knows it! 
That’s why I was born 
I blow my horn 
Till someone blows it 
I’ll light up like a light 
Right up like a light 
I’ll flicker, then flare up, ah, ah! 
All the world’s gonna stare up 
Looking down you’ll never see me 
Try the sky ’cause that’ll be me! 
I can make them cry 
I can make them sigh 
Some day they’ll clamor for my drama 
Have you guessed yet, who’s the best yet? 
If you ain’t I’ll tell you one more time 
You bet yer last dime 
In all of the world so far 
I am the greatest, greatest star! 

– Jessica Jung

comment : yes, you are, Jessjung. You are the greatest and the baboest star!

Cr: to the owner


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