Miss Jessica Jung *O*

Jessica : My speciality is spacing out
Sunny : I’m sick with all of this! I’m leaving!
Sooyoung : Uh-hu… What are you doing, Sica? Hm? That’s so crap!
Taeyeon: (°o°) (°o°)(°o°)  Sica, can you stop it now?
Jessica : Hei, but.. HUH?! YOU ALL DONT LIKE THIS?
ps : okay, i dont know why i do this. i’m feeling so frustrated now. and i dont know what to do. it’s sooo complicated. i wanna having some fun. so, sorry, Jessica. i make fun of you. you are my idol. i’m so mean to you. what a naughty fan i am.. ahaha~
i’m sorry, yet you are truly babo 😛

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